Incubeta Joystick is looking for an experienced web / digital project manager to join our team.

Who are we?

Incubeta Joystick is a creatively-led marketing services company specializing in data-driven targeted advertising. We are devoted to delivering performance through creative and audience alignment. Through our expertise in the digital ecosystem and the technology that enables it, we push it to the next level by marrying high-touch creative with the sophistication of audience targeting through programmatic.

We operate in 14 locations with an incredible team of 432 around the world. We design and develop online ads, websites, social media creative, and promotional videos.

Incubeta Joystick is looking for an experienced Project manager to manage client projects and will be primarily responsible for managing digital advertising campaigns. The PM will report directly to the Operations Manager.

The position:


  • Partner with the Senior Producer, design team, and development team to help determine the feasibility, scope, and timeline of a given project.
  • Generate a roadmap/timeline and budget with clear milestones.
  • Work and communicate directly with clients and act as the liaison between the client and the Joystick teams.
  • Communicate project status and milestones with stakeholders and leadership.
  • Manage client expectations and maintain a good working relationship in collaboration with the corresponding Account Manager and Senior Producer.
  • Manage budget and milestones, and determine if and when the team needs to pivot/realign to stay on track.
  • Documentation throughout the life cycle of a project.

Required Skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in order to set clear expectations with clients, team members, as well as explicit goals, tasks, and timelines.
  • Strong organizational skills, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to balance multiple projects while maintaining accurate documentation.
  • Problem-solving skills, a fast learner, passion for delivering quality work.
  • Basic technical understanding. You understand generally what goes into building a website, and how to work with the development team effectively to make smart decisions.

Desired Skills

  • Experience executing a web application from beginning to end.
  • Experience working with designers.
  • Experience working with developers.
  • Experience using a task management tool of some kind including Jira, Asana, Basecamp, Trello (Jira is preferred).
  • Experience creating a roadmap and project scope.
  • Experience performing risk assessment, reacting, and escalating issues where necessary within the internal team in order to properly handle any potential problems and manage effectively with the client.
  • Experience contributing to discussions around technology decisions and strategy related to web development.
  • Strong collaboration skills, with a proven ability to work across teams and departments. People enjoy and have fun working with you.
  • You have the ability to anticipate, understand, and translate what a client is asking for, into a clear and detailed proposal that can be easily scoped.